February 2020
Men's Group trip
From Left to Right   Skip, David ,Joshuah, Nelson,
Zack, Rick, Lee, Dennis,Andy,  Pastor Joe
Large floor to ceiling murals
Hebrew Torah Scroll over 21 feet long and hundreds of years old
Inside the Holy of Holies
Inside the Holy Place
Entering the Balcony you see the size and Majesty
While you walk in the Tabernacle Court Yard you realize the size and weight of the Alter of Sacrifice and the Laver of Cleansing
and the attention to every detail

The attention
to detail in
every aspect of
The Lobby with it's 35 Ft Mural of the Tabernacle
greets you as you walk in the Door
A first printing King James 1611 Bible
and 3 500 year old Shofar Horns
On both sides of the Balcony Teaching areas you are surrounded by the 13 tribes
What else would a men"s group do...
Yes we ended the day with FOOD!
Floor to ceiling Murals and scripture
surround the first floor

Below across from the Court yard
entrance a 40 ft map of their jurney in
the wilderness
Thank You To
our Volunteer Tour guide