Please remember your church still needs your support.  
Continue to give tithes and offerings.
This can be accomplished
6 Giving Options

1.  Online   2. By Phone App   3. Text to Give   4. By Mail   5. Direct Deposit   6. in Person

1. Giving can be done through the Hillside website.
Going to or
should take you directly to the website giving page.
You can use credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc.
Please be aware this online process charges
a $ .30 per transaction fee as well as
the applicable % for that particular card to
Hillside Baptist Church

2. Ad the New App to your phone
Click on the Ministry One link here

3.Text to Give  
Here is our number 352-290-4429
(The 4429 can  be displayed as HCB9 )

4.  Mailing them to:

Hillside Baptist Church
27440 Cortez Blvd.
Brooksville, Fl. 34602

5. Direct Deposit     
Most folks should be able to give to the church
through their bank, just like they were paying a bill.
Different banks have their own way to do this,
but most banks will walk you through it either on
their website and/or by phone.
When giving directly to Hillside’s mailing address
through your bank,Hillside  Baptist is NOT charged
any fees, but we are charged fees when you give
through a website.

6. And you may always give in person

We do sincerely
Thank you for giving
Ministry One